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Chop House Patio


Our team is managed by Bjarki Bjornsson, General Manager and Charles Stadmire, Culinary Manager.

Bjarki Bjornsson



Bjarki Bjornsson, originally hailing from Keflavik, Iceland, brings a wealth of experience to FMK Hospitality Group as the General Manager at Chop House in The Villages, FL. With a decade spent honing his skills in the restaurant industry, Bjarki joined the FMK family four months ago, starting as the Front of House Manager at Chop House before assuming his current role.


Prior to his tenure at Chop House, Bjarki also lent his expertise to the team at Belle Glade, showcasing his dedication to the FMK brand across multiple locations. As a General Manager, his favorite aspect of working in The Villages is the opportunity to forge meaningful relationships and create lasting memories with guests. With his extensive background and passion for hospitality, Bjarki continues to elevate the dining experience for patrons at Chop House, embodying the values of excellence and service that define FMK Hospitality Group.



Charles Stadmire has been an integral part of the FMK Hospitality Group for the past six years, contributing his culinary expertise and leadership as the Culinary Manager at Chop House. Hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Charles brings 17 years of valuable experience in the restaurant industry to the table.

Over the years, Charles has showcased his versatility by working in 8 out of the 10 restaurants within the FMK portfolio. His journey with FMK began as the Opening Chef for new establishments, where he played a crucial role in setting the culinary tone for each venture.

When asked about his favorite entrée on the menu, Charles enthusiastically points to the Cowboy Ribeye. His palate appreciates the rich flavors and perfect texture of this particular dish. However, Charles is also in tune with the preferences of Chop House's guests, noting that popular choices among them include the Filet, Salmon, and the Pork Ribeye.

Charles Stadmire
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